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Custom Continuous spray sterilizer

Continuous spray sterilizer

Continuous spray sterilizer

You will be impressed by our design and manufacturing expertise. We prioritize design and performance, and fully adopt CAD and CAM for product design. Even if it is a design drawing or an idea, we will customize the whole solution for you.

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BWPS Continuous spray sterilizer

Continuous spray sterilizer

This machine is the digestion and absorption of the same products abroad and the design and manufacture, use water circulation spray sterilization, warm water gets cold, cold water cooling many sections of process method, sterilization temperature and time to arbitrarily regulate, applicable to all kinds of PET bottle, glass bottles, cans of, etc of beverage pasteurizing, stable performance and appearance generous. The basic principle is: sealing after the POTS or (bottle) of the conveyor belt transmission, into the tunnel type pasteurizing machine in the interior of a plate. In pasteurizing machines in each temperature area, product temperatures by fine-tuning. When by tunnel, containers by different temperature water spray, namely preheating stage, heating stage (sterilization stage), and cooling stage. Sterilization machine front gradually heating and cooling the gradually after is very important. So, can both avoid overheating and causes loss, and the taste of the thermal stress can prevent container mutations arising from the broken bottles. In tunnel type pasteurizing machine, my company can generally adopt a spray mouth system (install a large spray mouth, hot water through the spray mouth spray to the container), different temperatures hold must according to technical requirements of a different time, and through the nets conveyor belt conveyor line to send out

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Professional filling and sealing equipment for cans

Zhejiang Bowei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Puxi Industrial Park, Putuo District, Zhoushan City which is known as the Oriental Pearl of the Motherland and the Thousand Island City. It faces Mount Putuo across the sea. The company is 12 kilometers away from Putuoshan Airport and there are three flights to and from Shanghai International Airport every day. It is also 100 kilometers away from Ningbo Lishe Airport, so the transportation is very convenient.

The company covers an area of 20 acres. We mainly engaged in designing and manufacturing the filling and sealing machines for packing beverage, cans, milk powder and matching products with the tinplate, aluminum, plastic and paper materials. We have the capacity to manufacture the whole production line to undertake projects such as canned drinks (with or without steam), canned mixed congee and canned ketchup. OEM Custom Continuous spray sterilizer Manufacturers, Factory in China.

Through unremitting efforts, our company has obtained international quality certification, ISO quality system certification and CE certification. We also obtained a number of national utility model patents. We serve all customers by our powerful technical strength, effective technical guarantee, flexible business philosophy, professional service, advanced manufacturing technology, excellent product quality and good reputation. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us.

  • 2012


  • 20 acres


  • 12 km

    To Putuoshan Airport

  • 400 million

    Own assets

Honor Certificate


As OEM Continuous spray sterilizer Manufacturers, our company has obtained international quality certification, ISO quality system certification and CE certification. We also obtained a number of national utility model patents.

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