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Empty can depalletizer

Empty can depalletizer

You will be impressed by our design and manufacturing expertise. We prioritize design and performance, and fully adopt CAD and CAM for product design. Even if it is a design drawing or an idea, we will customize the whole solution for you.

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The BWXD400 pop can empty can depalletizer is mainly suitable for automatic depalletizing of the complete piles of empty cans. It hoists the empty cans palletized on the pallets layer by layer from bottom to top and then them to the conveying chain-plate. Used together with the empty can spraying washer, it can replace the manual ways arrangement and traditional empty can unloading machine, saving a lot of manpower and increasing production effects.

During the period of work, the forklift puts the pallets where empty cans are palletized onto the pallet conveyor, and the conveyor will carry them to the pallet lift platform of the main machine. The pallet lift platform is used to send the positioned empty cans to the can unloading height When the empty can cans are unloaded, the empty pallets will fall and be put onto the conveyor. All the rising and falling actions are controlled by the self-locking lift system device. The rising or falling speed can be separately adjusted to meet the operation need. During the empty can unloading, the motor drives the chain wheel and chain device to push the cans, and then the full piles of the empty can will be pushed onto the net conveyor, and will return to the preparation position and continue to push out the next pile. All action positioning is controlled by the photoelectric switch. The can unload with continuous actions ora single circulating mode can be selected.

The pile feeding direction, can discharging direction, and operation panel position of the machine can be flexibly changed according to user requirement

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Zhejiang Bowei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Puxi Industrial Park, Putuo District, Zhoushan City which is known as the Oriental Pearl of the Motherland and the Thousand Island City. It faces Mount Putuo across the sea. The company is 12 kilometers away from Putuoshan Airport and there are three flights to and from Shanghai International Airport every day. It is also 100 kilometers away from Ningbo Lishe Airport, so the transportation is very convenient.

The company covers an area of 20 acres. We mainly engaged in designing and manufacturing the filling and sealing machines for packing beverage, cans, milk powder and matching products with the tinplate, aluminum, plastic and paper materials. We have the capacity to manufacture the whole production line to undertake projects such as canned drinks (with or without steam), canned mixed congee and canned ketchup. Wholesale Automatic Empty Can Depalletizer Suppliers in China.

Through unremitting efforts, our company has obtained international quality certification, ISO quality system certification and CE certification. We also obtained a number of national utility model patents. We serve all customers by our powerful technical strength, effective technical guarantee, flexible business philosophy, professional service, advanced manufacturing technology, excellent product quality and good reputation. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us.

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As OEM Empty can depalletizer Manufacturers, our company has obtained international quality certification, ISO quality system certification and CE certification. We also obtained a number of national utility model patents.

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